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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Change Your Mood with Feng Shui Colours

Colour is one of the easiest ways to shift the energy in your home or office in order to create the right mood. However, working with colour can be a bit tricky as many interior decorators and feng shui enthusiasts will surely agree.

Followers of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui believe that colours play an important part in the harmony of our lives. Selecting the right colour could affect your health, career, finances and even your romance. While finding the right feng shui colours for your space is really easy - as you can see in our description below - it might take a bit of work to make a specific colour work harmoniously in your space.

Chinese Feng Shui has five elements: earth, wood, metal, fire and water. Each property enhances certain areas of a person's life. Feng Shui colours are separated into categories that coincide with these elements. By using Feng Shui colours that match particular elements, a person can attract specific attributes into a home or office.

The Feng Shui earth element symbolizes relationships and harmony. Colours associated with the earth are pale yellow and tan. Yellow gives patience and encourages calm thinking. It also nurtures the ability to remain centred throughout life’s changes.

Wood elements relate to green and brown colours. They are associated with family and represent wealth and prosperity. Decorating a room with shades of green reinforces the power of the wood element and prevents family upsets and fights.

Enhance the metal property to promote concentration, efficiency, creativity, mental sharpness, love, friendship, travel and productivity. Metal is enhanced with the Feng Shui colours of gray or white. Avoid the use of too much white, as this can create excess "cold" energy, creating a negative result. The colour white, which represent spiritual and moral purity, is also used in Chinese Feng Shui decorating when people want to have children.

Fire is yang energy and is considered the most powerful among the five. It represents energy, passion, warmth and cheer. It can, however, be dangerous as it also burns. This element is associated with triangular shapes and the colours red, orange and purple.

The fire element can be enhanced by the placement of red objects and the use of candles and bright light. Chinese families often paint their front doors red to invite positive energies into their home. The fire element is a great way to boost your fame and recognition.

The water element in Chinese Feng Shui is used for abundance, wealth, purity and peace. Blue and black are the Feng Shui colours for water.

Black represents seriousness and justice, deep waters and the darkness of winter. Not usually considered lucky, but when used in balance with other colours black can absorb negative chi. Black or dark blue are best for the career area of your home.

If you dislike a particular colour, it doesn't have to be used in abundance. Even accents of colour can produce the desired energy. For instance, it is not necessary to paint the walls green or to use green furniture to get results. Simply place some green plants in your room and add some artwork with touches of green. This is sufficient to produce positive energy.

As you use colours in your overall external environment, realize that according to Feng Shui principles, they will also affect your inner self. Let your surroundings be an accurate manifestation of who you are now, and all that you endeavour to be. Strive for harmony, rather than excess. This balance will nurture a deep satisfaction and enduring results as you develop the sphere of influence surrounding your mind, body and spirit.

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