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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

5 Signs Your Realtor Is a Keeper

What makes a real estate agent good, if not great? Some agents are simply better at their jobs than others, but it can be difficult to spot the difference, at least at first. Here are a few ways to know if the agent you’re working with is a keeper.


Real estate agents seem to be a dime a dozen these days. Some people become a real estate agent as a way to earn money on the side, in addition to their other full-time job. Other people are agents because they have a deep-seated interest in helping people find the right home or in helping people get the best offer when they sell their home. How do you know if the real estate agent you’re considering working with is worth his or her commission? There are a few signs your agent is going to be a great asset to have in your corner when you’re looking for buying or selling a home in Waterloo Region.

Your Agent Keeps Appointments

When it comes to buying or selling a home, offers and deals can be made in a matter of hours. A great house can be snapped up pretty quickly. That’s why an agent who makes and keeps appointments, follows up when you’re interested in putting in an offer, and responds to your calls and messages quickly is a great agent to work with. You don’t want to leave a message with your agent when you want to put in an offer on a home only to have him or her finally return your call a day later to tell you the house is off the market.

Your Agent Knows Waterloo Region, or at Least Your Neighbourhood

Waterloo Region is a big place, and the cost of a home in one neighbourhood is going to be vastly different from the cost of a home in another neighbourhood. A great real estate agent is going to know the area you are considering buying in, or the area where you are selling your home, like the back of his or her hand.

It’s important that your agent knows what’s going on in your area so that he or she can give you an idea of what to list your home for, based on what similar houses have gone for recently, and an idea of whether the house you’re considering buying is priced right or too high or too low in comparison to others. You also want to make sure your agent typically works with the type of property you’re buying or selling. It doesn’t make much sense to work with a commercial agent if you’re buying or selling residential property.

Your Agent Has the Right Credentials

Great agents aren’t necessarily born, they are made. Ask your agent about his or her education and credentials and whether he or she is part of a regional or national agents’ association. You can also check out the Real Estate Council of Ontario website.

Your Agent Comes with Glowing Recommendations

The right credentials are just part of making sure an agent is qualified. An agent worth sticking with will also have a number of past clients who are ready and willing to sing his or her praises.

Your Agent Buys and Sells Houses on a Full-Time Basis

A full-time real estate agent has decided to dedicate his or her career to the buying and selling of property. Not only does this suggest that he or she will be more readily available to you. It also suggests that he or she is going to be more likely to know what’s going on in the real estate scene in your particular neighborhood.

It’s worth it to take your time finding the right agent to work with. Like any relationship, you don’t want to rush into things and find yourself wishing you had pursued other options.

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